Empty drawers & organized data

Empty drawers & organized data

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ABOUT DigiDrawer

DigiDrawer keeps your drawers empty and your data organized


Always have your medical, financial and cyber data accessible and organized. Store your files and documents in a safe place where you can easily find them. Manage, edit and share usernames and passwords using an encrypted vault.


Keep your properties data arranged including insurance, utilities, contractors, appliances, cyber information, bill pay and more. Easily connect to your favorite real-estate websites to get more relevant information.


Track your vehicles data by including maintenance works, bill pay, insurance and history events. Add and share notes to keep your vehicles in great shape.


Owning a business comes with responsibilities to manage information. Have your essential data well organized and in reach. Maintain information about employees, suppliers, finance, insurance and more.

DigiDrawer Software MODULES


Personal data


Properties   data


Vehicles data


Businesses   data

DigiDrawer Usage Statistics

Managing personal and group data is the most popular section.

Properties information comes in second place.

Vehicles tracking is also becoming popular.

Businesses data management is left for business owners.

Personal Data


Properties Data


Vehicles Data


Businesses Data


Frequently Asked Questions about DigiDrawer

In order to start working with your new DigiDrawer server you just need to plug it to one of your Router’s ethernet ports. Find out what IP address was assigned to your server via your Router’s interface software or by using any other IP scanner tool. You can also utilize your mobile phone while connected to your home network with any Network Scanner tool. Windows users can go directly to https://digidrawer/. Than just open your browser and follow the sign-up form instructions to create your account.
While Excel is a great tool it does not allow you to save and manage file attachments. DigiDrawer is a web service intended for Groups sharing private information and files in a structured way. DigiDrawer is offering a unique method to arrange group information with 2 levels of privileges.
Saving your files to a cloud-based service may put your information at risk if this service is compromised. DigiDrawer keeps your files and information at your place while also giving access to other group members in a secured way. Your information is 100% private, not accessible by anyone else, not sold to other parties or used for marketing purposes.
An application will usually require Internet access. Your information may be at risk if this App is compromised or you loose your phone. In addition, you can not share information with other group members. With DigiDrawer your information is managed and hosted by you only.
Yes sure, DigiDrawer is easy and intuitive to setup using any web browser. Although a complete initiation may take a few hours, you can choose to organize your DigiDrawer in small steps per your rhythm. In addition, we are offering a few Kickstarter remote support packages provided by our specialists. Using these packages will put you on track faster while providing you also some initial training, tips & tricks.
You will find out that most data does not change so often. However, if an update is required we recommend to update your DigiDrawer with no delays. Just browse your DigiDrawer from your mobile phone and complete the needed updates including file attachments.
Although DigiDrawer can hold a large number of files, it is not intended to serve as a media server solution. In this case we recommend that you continue to use your current application.
DigiDrawer runs an automatic weekly backup. This backup is accessible in a shared folder from which you can copy it to other media. The same backup file can be used to restore your DigiDrawer server should you need to do it.
Your information always stays with you, on your DigiDrawer server. It is not sent outside of your network, and can only be accessed by you and your other authorized users.
The initial setup does not provide for remote access to your DigiDrawer server. We feel that working like this is the best way to ensure your privacy and data security. However, if required there is no problem to connect to your DigiDrawer server using different VPN and remote access methods. Once you gain remote access to your local network, you can access your DigiDrawer with any web browser.
Once you sign-up to DigiDrawer you automatically become a new group administrator. You can than add up to 9 users to your group. The new group members can be assigned either “User” or “Administrator” privilege access levels.
You can open any number of groups that you need, each one comprised of up to 10 group members. However, you will need a unique email address to initiate a new group account.
No. Users are identified by their email addresses that must be unique in the server.
In order to regain access to your account first go and click the “Reset” link found on your Login page. You will need to provide your email address. Than just follow the instructions in the email message to create your new password.
Your username can be re-sent to your email address by one of your group administrators. You will have to approach them directly and ask for this notification request found on their user management page.


DigiDrawer Server

Raspberry Pi 4


32GB MicroSD card

Power supply

Ethernet cable

DigiDrawer Server 32GB

RPI4 computer, 2GB RAM

DigiDrawer software V2

Starting at $249

Digirawere Server

Raspberry Pi 4


64GB MicroSD card

Power supply

Ethernet cable

DigiDrawer Server 64GB

RPI4 computer, 2GB RAM

DigiDrawer software V2

Starting at $269

Remote support

Personalized setup

Initial training

Tips & tricks

Premium Support

Your fastest startup

Personalized hourly support

Starting at $69.90

Service Plans

Email support

Bug corrections & fixes

Starting at $19.90


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